Review – Meeting Resistance

June 12, 2008

This is an educational, if not electrifying, documentary by Molly Bingham & Steve Connors about the rise of ressitance fighters in Iraq a few months after the fall of Saddam.  It makes some salient points:

1 – the resistance is being funded by entities outside Iraq (the anonymous speakers play coy about whom).

2 – you can hide a lot under a burkha (women are rarely searched, at least at the time this was shot).

3 – the resistance fighters make the point that if the US were invaded, we’d fight back just as they did.

Now the disturbing part: we watch an IED being built in the film:

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t listen to the commentary all the way through (which may make this review worthless), but at the point this scene comes up in the film, the filmmakers don’t discuss what was done with this particular IED.  I doubt that the resistance would make a fake just for the camera.  Does this mean that the filmmakers may have been complicit in the possible maiming or death of US soldiers?

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