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Archive – A lukewarm post on Global Warming

September 11, 2007

Let’s see if I can finish this post – I’ve been struggling all weekend trying to write it…

In reading some of the previous posts, one might have had the impression that I’m skeptical of “Global Warming”. That would be a correct interpretation – I get the feeling that this whole rigamarole was concocted to distract us from the real things that should worry us. Plus, I get tired of the constant “yes it is – no it isn’t” back and forth – Jesus, go find a dark alley and strangle each other, leaving me in peace, damn you.

Anyway, here’s an interesting website…

Now, the author of the Grist Mill website, Coby Beck, concludes at the end of the post here…

To conclude where I started: study of the past can be informative for scientists, but it is not explanatory of the present, nor is it predictive of the future. The science of global warming is rooted in what we know about today.

If he truly believes this, why page after page of rebuttal? What agenda does he push?


Archive – Free Carbon Offsets

September 4, 2007


Better go get yours before they’re all used up – I got 5 trillion just to be safe…;jsessionid=59C737976C8B420952649EE8CD516998



August 26, 2007


“The film industry is one of the highest greenhouse emitting industries.”

Damn that global warming! Look for the film industry to be shut down next week…