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Review – The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

October 29, 2010

Wanted to try to get back to doing this, at least for reviews, if not for Threeper/Libertarian content…

Short synopsis – Luchador El Superbeasto (voice by Tom Papa, also co-screenwriter with Rob Zombie) and his sister Suzi X (Voice by Sherri Moon Zombie) must stop Dr. Satan (voice by Paul Giamatti(!)) from marrying stripper Velvet Von Black (voice by Rosario Dawson) and unleashing the “sudsy powers of Hell”. Based on a comic by Rob Zombie.

There’s nothing like looking deep into the Id of a contemporary artist to see where he’s coming from, and Rob Zombie doesn’t hesitate from not just opening the doors to his subconscious, but installing plasma TVs and handing out those little headphones you get when you pay for a self-tour of an art exhibit. But it is important to stay true to your vision of your film, come what may.

In the right mood, this is a fun movie – but I would definitely hesitate to show it to your parents, local pastor, girlfriend (unless, of course she’s as twisted as you are) or children.  I suppose, then, this qualifies as being a “Man’s Man” film. Best to watch it alone, I think – and not in that way, sicko!

I really enjoyed the whole thing, but especially the intro to the film – which is a parody of the beginning of James Whale’s Frankenstein – all German Expressionist animated art and (I believe) verbatim read of the opening warning given by a guy in a tux.*

Kudos also to the creative team that Zombie picked to do this – I recognized names from The Ren & Stimpy Show and Spongebob Squarepants – fine pedigree I’m sure you’ll agree.

I definitely had trouble picking good screen grabs for this (a couple of these are off the Web). I did want to show a little class here and not fill this post with images of gore and nudity( and there is plenty of that, I can assure you.)

Give it a shot if you’re able.

* Forgive me, gentle reader. I don’t feel like going to my copy of Frankenstein and confirming this right now.