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March 29, 2009

Like this is going to work, but Spencer Coggs is trying to make himself “useful” again by introducing (or attempting to introduce) some gun control legislation to the Wisconsin legislature.  Not that I think that it’s going to help, but here’s the letter I sent to to my benchwarmers…

I am writing today to ask you to vote against any “microstamping” legislation that may be introduced to you, and not to lend any support to this legislation should you be asked.

After doing a little research on the Internet, I am convinced that this legislation would be useless to fight crime, add unneeded expense to firearms in Wisconsin, and reflect on you badly come election time should you support it.

Should you care to research it yourself:

(among others – this one is at least succinct.)

Now let’s see what they send back to me.


Review: Tokyo Gore Police

March 21, 2009


 It’s really tough to find something to watch while the economic world burns around you. So I was pleasantly surprised by Tokyo Gore Police, a film Dali would have loved. The short plot – this time, Japan as we know it  (by implication) has been destroyed by a huge volcano, and the world that springs up is a Tokyo that has a privatized police force ( the “Tokyo Police Corporation”) instead of one paid for by taxes (I guess – this wasn’t explored because it would interfere with the gooshing blood). Privatization, we are told, will lead to “more plentiful lives”.


Our hero Ruka (Eihi Shiina) is the best at what she does – an “engineer hunter” inside the police force.  See, engineers are “criminals, vicious killing machines” that turn their recent wounds into weapons of either mechanical or organic material.  Every engineer has a key-shaped tumor inside them, and the only way you can kill an engineer is by destroying the place where the tumor is.


Ruka is a cutter as well, due to some messed up stuff she witnessed as a kid (her mom being a cutter, her father being assassinated in front of her because he’s against privatization, that kind of thing). Ruka gets involved in hunting down an engineer that, instead of killing like a berserker, kills with some sort of sinister purpose…


“Hi – may I speak to you about Ron Paul and the Campaign For Liberty?”

I liked the Starship Trooper vibe I was getting from much of the production – but I have to wonder if much of the wackness of this movie is simply a commentary on body mdification. Take for example the pics below – these are screen captures of some of the commercials in the movie, talking about cutting or suicide almost like a fashion trend…




The two pics above are from a commercial in the film advertising fashion wrist cutters (in 3 great colors, too!)

The body modification on display is quite surreal as well (snail girls, a chair made out of a still living  human). Being Japan, though – this surely can’t be a new thing over there?

And of course, this is one of those Japanese films that have blood or goosh splashing over everything like the wave in those Long John Silver’s commercials. I did like the makeup FX a lot, like the sharpened kinfe quadriplegic that Ruka’s boss keeps as a pet of some sort.  I enjoyed it, being silly, but unless you’re unfazed by body modification,fetishism, mutilation, and Japanese cinema in general, I can’t really recommend it to anyone else.


I’m not sure how they did this – is this actress an amputee? Or holes through the floor? Makeup sure is cool though.


Look for a creature like this in a future Robert Rodriguez film.


But how does she get a cheek weld with those?


In the future, you’ll be so poor that all you can afford is a DRAWING of a hit of Horse.


Stay in school, kids.


Appleseed pt. 14

March 18, 2009

Went to the range on Sunday – what a revolting development.  Even with the scope, couldn’t even get a round on paper (though I’ll allow that might be due to it being the first time I’ve ever been on the 100-yd range, and that I don’t have a cheek weld with the scope). Embarassed myself again putting holes in other people’s targets, just like my first Appleseed. Not to mention my forgetting to Loctite the big knobs on the scope mount.  Went back to the 25-yd range just to see if I could still hit paper…3-14-09

Flyers due to me trying to zero the iron sights on the fly. “Try, try again…”



If what they’re doing is wrong, they don’t want to be right

March 14, 2009



After all, how else is one to run public services?  Actually hold trials?  Those are expensive…


Perfect the enemy of the Good

March 13, 2009

So I’m trying to get my MBR ready to go – won’t be ready for the Appleseed in Racine, but there’s going to be another later this year, so I’ve got that going for me – and I’m struck by the suggestions my go-to guys, Fred of the Appleseed project, and Boston T. Party, of Boston’s Gun Bible.

I know that I’m supposed to get the best rifle I can afford, NOW, before they get outlawed/I get outlawed – which I did, an M1A (UPDATE: but not one that has a cast receiver – silly me!).  But then, more specifics to make sure I’m getting – 

A Shepherd rifle scope (recommended by both, but way pricier now that when they published their papers).  I paid $300 for my scope, a not-inconsiderable chunk of change,

a “good” scope mount – mine cost $145, and is not the Springfield Armory mount Boston thinks is one step above mounting your scope on a Coke can (UPDATE – reading a FAQ on M14 scope mounts, a single point mount like the one I just bought won’t keep zero as well as a 3 point mount – silly me!)

“good” rings – had to upgrade to a extra high set, rather than the ones that were recommended for the mount since the side focus is interfering with leveling the scope ($25),

Scope levels -to do just that ($20),

a bore sighter to get zero faster ($45),

and to top it off, a cheek rest for the rifle so I can get a proper cheek weld ($65). That’s a cool $600 to get the rifle scoped.

Now all this is going without the chromed GI barrel (UPDATE: get it cryo-treated, too), extra set of rifle parts for same, and never forgetting the price of ammo these days…if I waited to get this stuff, I still wouldn’t have the rifle.