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February 7, 2011

Woke up this morning, got ready to do a little web surfing before work, and this happens.

Defender.exe bills itself to be anti-virus software, but (according to the Web) is a piece of junk software that tries to make you pony up some money in order to get to use your computer to get to the Web again.  It even looks like the AVG software I use for antivirus scans. Here’s what I did to get that motherloving exe off my machine…

The first problem is that Defender won’t let you look at Task Manager to try and shut it down, and it won’t give you a right-click option to shut it down either.  Very frustrating. But going to the “Start ->All Programs”, I found that there was indeed new software installed. Not sure HOW it got installed, but it was there.

Hovered over the new program (I think it was called “security-defender” or some such – it was very early in the morning) and that told me it had installed itself in “C:\Documents and Settings\(user name – I hear that it will also put itself into the Admin folder)\Application Data”.

Going there through “My Computer”, sure enough, it was there.  The next thing I did was to rename the program – I did “qwerty.exe”. I suppose I could have renamed the extension to make doubly sure it wouldn’t run, but I was a little leery about that.  Then I rebooted.

That seemed to have done the trick – I was able to track back to the folder it was in, delete it, then go to the Web to get further instructions to eradicate it – like here…

I have to give the programmers credit – they did a bang-up job creating a fake emergency!  The exe went through the files in my machine and randomly told me that worms and child porn proxys were on my machine, ultimately finding 56 of them.  It even popped up a window with a randomly generated IP address where it was supposedly coming from, and when that window opened, I sweartoGod they have a pig squeal play! If that wouldn’t convince a casual user to buy the fake program, I don’t know what would.


Hopefully a fat civil lawsuit is in the offing

May 9, 2010


How many more were there, I wonder

April 10, 2010

I’m surprised it took this long for one to surface.


Let’s hope they don’t find this new power of frequent utility

April 8, 2010

Via the New York Times – US approves targeted killings…


Not so funny now…

December 20, 2009

From all over the web, it seems…photo of a poster at Ft. Benning.


My Letter to AT&T

December 10, 2009

Here’s the text of my complaint letter to AT&T this afternoon.  I’m putting the AT&T Complaint address right out there so someone else won’t have to go through the Hell of Being On Hold…


PO Box 580

Lee’s Summit MO 64063-0580

ATTN: Complaint Dept.

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing today to tell you of the lack of professionalism and customer service I experienced on December 9, 2009.  Let me give you some background:

I am trying to start paying my landline home telephone bill online.  One would expect this process to be made easy by the website  Since I don’t remember my password or user name, I start the process of having them sent to my email address.  No dice – I’m registered (apparently) but the email address I used way back when is not around anymore.  Further, there is NO provision to change that email address on the website to the correct one.

Kind of dumb, don’t you think?  But wait – it gets even better.

Since the Web is getting me nowhere I try the customer service lines, specifically the 800-288-2020 number. I spend a good long time there, I get transferred to the Internet Department (I think – 877-722-3755) and spend some more time there – about 30 minutes worth of time total.  And the upshot of all that waiting?  All of the customer service reps I talked to told me the same thing – they cannot access the email address that I used back in the day, because I don’t have the information to verify it.  Neither can THEY manually reset the email on the account – even though, presumably, they have all my account info sitting in front of them on a monitor and I’m prepared to give them personally identifying information over the phone to prove I am who I say I am. Neither can the supervisors I spoke to. To close this anecdote about the phone customer service – I was put on hold, and when my line was picked up again, I found myself listening to the pitchwoman for an adult chat line. I thought that kind of thing only existed on “news of the weird” websites.

And finally, to top things off – does not have a provision to send you an email about this complaint (I got this address from a direct chat with a rep who took a looong time to find it).

Anything strike you, an internet provider, as odd about that last bit?

I’m fully expecting this letter to be tossed away – so I’ll try to publicize this as best I can through word of mouth and the Internet. Should you, against all odds, wish to contact me, you can either call me at my home (it IS possible for you to look that up isn’t it?) or at (EMAIL REDACTED) .


1 in every 1000? Ya don’t say…

August 28, 2009

CCTV cameras not helping anybody solve the vast majority of crimes – but certainly keeping people off the unemployment rolls…

(I’m still doing screen captures of articles – but WordPress seems to smoosh the ones I post to illegiblity. If I figure out what I’m doing wrong, I’ll update the post…)

one crime in 1000