Wis. Attorney General applies “common sense”

June 5, 2008

Interesting article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…


that implies that some of the reluctance for our masters in Madison to issue concealed carry permits to retired police is due to “the Legislature … not guarantee(ing) they would be immune from liability in a shooting or spell(ing) out how to implement the federal law.”  Figures – CYA is always in the minds of people, probably most of all the steel-trap minds of those same masters (and yes, that was a sarcasm).

State Patrol Superintendent David Collins said, “I’m not so sure that being away from law enforcement and being away from . . . making split-second life-and-death decisions is really something that you want to do with retirees.”

Or single women. Or the handicapped. Or, Hell, anybody that isn’t issued a shiny badge by the State.

Dean Meyer, a former Rusk County sheriff and current Ladysmith police chief, said he knows many retirees are eager to get permits, but he would never apply for one.

“When you retire from this, it’s kind of nice to get away,” he said. “If you’re going out and about somewhere with your family, why would you want gun strapped to you and have to respond to something?”

Why indeed?  Damned pesky Second Amendment…

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