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Review-Madison TEA Party

April 15, 2009

Went to the Tea Party – meh.

While there were a lot of Gadsden flags flying, and a couple of more Paulian libertarians, it came across as a shill for the Republican Party.  Turnout was excellent, however – easily 3000 people, if not the 6000 that WISN radio was supposed to be calling it. In fact – if they do this again, the organizers need to get a better bus coordinator- me and a large number of people got sick of waiting for the shuttle buses and walked 40 minutes to the Capital Building to make sure we were sorta on time.  Guess I got in my exercise for the day, though…

More calls to “get involved” too – that’s probably what attracted the people who got us into this mess to .gov in the first place…


Archive – Two Great Articles

October 2, 2007

Both from the same source.



Review – The Gang

October 2, 2007


Hi! Sorry I was away for a bit…

I’m going to try to give this as fair a review as possible, given that I totally agree with the premise. That being said, I think this documentary from Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership is a little less effective than Innocence Betrayed, another Documentary I own from these fine people. Not that it’s not effective on its own terms – just that it’s a little slower moving.


My basic problem with this film is that it seems a little chatty compared to Innocents. I suppose that couldn’t be helped, seeing as it discusses in detail personal accounts of abuse by the ATF, and there was plenty of footage to be had of this rogue agency. (It’s funniest where they show the somersaults the ATF testing division has to go through in order to classify some part kits machine guns.)

 The interview segments do their job; portraying the ATF as something that we as Americans need to get rid of in order to keep our freedoms. Now: how the hell do you get Netflix to notice it…


Archive – Appleseed Pt. 2

September 30, 2007

Had a pretty good time at the Appleseed shoot – even though I learned that I ESS-EWE-CEE-KAY at firing rifles. While I knew I needed improvement in everything, I thought I would be able to hit the target a few times in offhand.


I could not do a single thing right. I imagine that the instructors pitied me a little.

Poor man! Let us not crush his hopes of ever being an accurate shot – we shall tell him to watch his basics, over and over again, until the sun dips below the horizon.

If I hadn’t been exhausted from the shoot, I would have had the presence of mind to keep one of the targets and post it here for you perusal – but perhaps it’s better this way. I am going to keep working at it, though, and I did get to join the RWVA…


Archive – A New Strategy for Bush ! Huzzah!

September 24, 2007

I’ve inserted my foot into my mouth on occasion – looks like it’s Milligan’s turn…(read the third to last paragraph in the article)

Yes. More terrorist attacks – that will teach us a lesson all right.


Archive – The Hell?

September 24, 2007

I’m out for a couple of days and somebody swipes my material?! It’s a racket I tells ya…

45Superman does the work T. couldn’t do…and does it excellently.

Hopefully I’ll have something original soon…


Archive – Fighting City Hall: Dinosaur Media Edition

September 24, 2007

What the local fishwrap says about the bill in the previous post …