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Next:BATF claims warrantless right to search for White Zinfandel

May 28, 2009

All over the place, but I read it on Balko’s website ———————–>



A German Interlude

May 27, 2009

Good to know somebody’s looking back at the State…


Cue montage of judges scuttling in fear…

May 27, 2009

Couldn’t you just see the movie playing in your head (especially with, say, the score of the Adventures of Robin Hood in the background)?  Shots of corrupt judges hunched over like crabs, surrounded by their mercenaries bodyguards?



Review: War of the Gargantuas (Japanese Version)

May 24, 2009

Gar 1

Always entertaining to watch a Giant Monster movie – I remember this one from my misspent youth.  Being a completist (and never having seen it) I’m doing the Japanese version rather than the American one.

Short plot – A giant green apelike being destroys a freighter in Japan. No one believes the story the survivor tells, so they get Japan’s foremost expert on “Frankensteins”…*Gar 2

the gaijin Dr. Stewart (Russ Tamblyn, who’s given a dubbed voice an octave lower than his normal speaking voice)…
Gar 3

I’m not inserting those captions by the way – that’s how they were on the frame grabs

who insists that his Frankenstein is dead, having escaped to Mt. Fuji after being raised by his assistant Akemi (the gorgeous Kumi Mizumo) and him, and anyways, his Frankenstein wasn’t from the ocean, thanks very much. However, continuing attacks by the green Frankenstein (later named Gailah), notably at an airport** have Stewart looking to prove that it’s a Frankenstein, but not his.

Gar 4

Meanwhile we get some romance vibes from the Tamblyn/Mizumo relationship that never are made explicit, and a big military buildup in the mountains to take down Gailah, with masers and electrified rivers.  Just as the military might of the Japanese SDF is about to rid the planet of the Gailah menace, another Frankenstein appears – Dr. Stewart’s (now named Sanda) to save Gailah, even though they’ve never seen each other before and have no motivation to aid each other…

Gar 5

(look – Sanda even has a chance to throw a “shame-on-you” look back at those mean humans).

We find out Gailah is sort of a clone of Sanda (don’t ask). Sanda, due to being fed the Milk of Human Kindness is ready to help humanity, first by saving Akemi from certain death, and then by fighting Gailah when Sanda finds out Gailah eats people.

 Gar 6

Destruction of Tokyo ensues for a while after that, and then Gailah and Sanda roll out into the open sea where an undersea volcano cooks them up*** – roll credits.

Gar 7

Aside from some indecision on whether the Gargantuas should move slowly or quickly (seems to be an issue of what the Gargantua is supposed to be doing in the scene apparently, rather than a Godzilla, who if I recall correctly, always moved kinda slowly, lending the man in the suit scale: here when Gailah is filmed at near regular speed he looks like a guy in a suit) I found the film a fine waste of time.

* And can be located with a single phone call!

** This is one of the major differences from the American version – Gailah eats a victim here and spits out something. The American version has an insert shot of the dress of the woman he ate landing on the ground.  My favorite bit of the movie. Other differences – Russ Tamblyn’s real voice is used, and the print is overall brighter looking compared to the Japanese version, almost as if the American distributor got a look at the movie he just bought and screamed at his partner, “HERSCHEL!! I CAN’T SEE THE MONKEYS!! “

*** Really – one second, we’re looking at Gargantua beatdown, then the camera pans and – look at that! – an undersea volcano. No mention of it until the Gargantuas are rolling into it.


Quick – send this to Milwaukee aldermen!

May 22, 2009

Ya don’t say…CCTVs have a “modest” effect on crime, but don’t cut it completely?  That money would be better spent on security officers? Sheesh – learn something new every day…



And what would this ad be attracting?

May 16, 2009

Found this on Balko’s website (generated randomly so don’t go blaming him)…

sexy weapon girl

Now who does this ad target?  And what job would be associated with the fearsome armament depicted? Talk about pandering to the “Jack Ryan” types…


Wasn’t this an episode of The Simpsons?

May 14, 2009


                            I told you, boy, my threats were only meant

                            as a test of your preparedness.   PREPAREDNESS!

                            Now let Daddy go, and he’ll give you a cookie!


                              Don’t have a cow, man!  Obama’s gonna try

                              you – as soon as he gets the TARP funds back!

Bart loads Homer head first into the back of a APC with “DHS” painted badly on the side. Homer groans in pain.


                             If only I had donated to the ACLU!


                                Now, where’s Skinner? (laughs)

our new enforcers