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Poetry Corner 2

May 30, 2008

dada poem

if you read this, you’re not dada.  If you were dada, you would have written it like I did.

dada is not a spectator sport, nor a boiled potato.  nothing is.

you should not be confused, you should be dada, which is confusing.  you should not be outraged, you should be outrageous, as is dada.

you should not tell me that I’m confusing and outrageous, you should tell me I’m dada.  I will then tell you that I know that already.

you should not just listen to me when I tell you that you are not dada, because you know that already.

never just listen to someone tell you something that you already know.  instead, tell them that you already know that, and then tell them something that you are sure they already know.

this is known as dada conversation, and can go on late into the evening.

you didn’t know that.



Popo on edge need a little humor…

May 29, 2008

From (sorry – links still aren’t working with this Mac)

Now didn’t that give you your daily chuckle!

If this sort of stuff is on an easily findable website, I wonder what they say about we civilians when we can’t hear them…


Appleseed Qualify 8

May 28, 2008

Again, no pics – was in a hurry to get to the range due to lots of stuff going to happen that day…

Need more work on holding the aim point (what else is new?) but the thing I want to write about is: I was talking with another shooter on the range, and when I admitted I was a beginner, he started telling me how accurate I would be if I dug my left arm into my chest (foregoing the sling altogether) and using that as a prop for offhand shooting.  Tried it his way: ALL FLIERS.

None shall blaspheme against Fred and the Rifleman way of shooting!


Review – We Are The Strange

May 28, 2008

Just a caveat for you – this movie is definitely not for everyone. It’s so non-narrative, I’m not even going to attempt to summarize what’s going on.

Ever wonder what kind of film a four year old might make if he had a budget?  I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, but seriously – what kind of narrative might a four year old make?  Watching this might answer that question for you.  I watched this twice. Once for the imagery, then again for the director’s commentary.  The filmmaker, M. dot Strange (whose real name probably is Jeff Smith or something) references a four year old’s viewpoint in how a story is told in the commentary, and I think that’s a good way to look at it.  He also talks about how the old men in the audience would stream out of the theater at Sundance at a certain point, and I could see that too. The mashup of Nintendo, anime, & the Quay Brothers won’t appeal to most.

He also talks a bit too much about alienating the squares in the audience (yes we get it – this film isn’t for everyone) and about how he made this in sequence (second scene follows the first, & so on) which explains why a couple of plot points (if this film can be said to actually have a plot) fall by the wayside.  Ultimately, if you have patience for Art films or interested in the use of raw imagery on film,  you might want to give this a chance.


Used to be white:now mulatto

May 24, 2008

Been spending some time at Stuff White People Like…

And found that I’m not 100% white after all – here’s a chart about stuff I like and don’t, pulled from the same website (and counting a “meh” or something I’ve no experience with as a no, since the blog isn’t name Stuff White People May Like..)

NO                                        YES
1 coffee                                 1 Religions their parents don’t belong to
2 Assists                               2 Film Festivals
3 Organic food                      3 Farmer’s Markets
4 Barack Obama                     4 Diversity
5 Making you feel bad           5 Asian Girls
about going outside              6 Having Black Friends
6 Wes Anderson Movies         7 Awareness
7 Non-profit Orgs.                 8 Traveling
8 Tea                                      9 Being an expert on Libertarian Culture
9 Yoga                                   10 Microbreweries
10 Gifted children                  11 Wine
11 Hating my parents            12 Architecture
12 Writing Workshops           13 The Daily Show
13 Having 2 last names        14 Renovations
14 David Sedaris                    15 Netflix
15 Manhattan                        16 Sushi
16 Marathons                        17 Asian Fusion Food
17 Not Having a TV               18 Whole Foods & Grocery Co-Ops
18 80s Night                         19 Irony
19 Wrigley Field                     20 Living By Water
20 Snowboarding                   21 Apologies
21 Vegetarianism                   22 Japan
22 Marijuana                          23 Bicycles
23 Breakfast Places                24 Recycling
24 Arrested Development      25 Study Abroad
25 Apple Products                 26 Gentrification
26 Indie Music                       27 Oscar Parties
27 Plays                                 28 Mulitlingual Children
28 Public radio                      29 Bad memories of High School
29 Sunday NYT                      30 T Shirts
30 Arts Degrees                    31 Shorts
31 Vintage                            32 Gay friends
32 Sarah Silverman               33 St Pat’s Day
33 Dogs                               34 San Francisco
34 Kitchen Gadgets              35 Music Piracy
35 Lawyers                           36 Grammar
36 Juno                                 37 Bumper Stickers
37 Natural Medicine
38 Toyota Prius
39 Knowing what’s Best
for the Poor
40 Expensive Sandwiches
41 Co-Ed Sports
42 Divorce
43 Standing Still at Concerts
44 Michel Gondry
45 Mos Def
46 Difficult Breakups
47 Being only white around
48 Threaten move to Canada
49 Musical Comedy
50 Modern Furniture
51 Soccer (in concept & execution)
52 Grad school
53 Hating Corporations
54 The Wire
55 Outdoor performance clothes
56 Dinner Parties
57 Book Deals
58 Free Health Care
59 Rugby
60 New Balance Shoes
61 Scarves
62 The Ivy League

And there you have it – more “other than” than white…


No Appleseed pics this week…

May 20, 2008

Took a friend shooting, just to get his feet wet again – part of the process is getting new shooters interested as well.  More work on the Patriot stuff next week.


Review – The God Who Wasn’t There

May 17, 2008


Wanted to write a quick review ’cause I haven’t done so in a while.  Director Brian Flemming (coming across as a Michael Moore snark-lite wannabe, even seeming to mislead the principal of his old school about what he was going to interview him about) states his case about the non-existence of God.

I was left with wanting more data after seeing the film.  It ran a little short and could have used some more hard fact to liven things up (just as a for instance: Flemming mentions that there were other messiah-like figures other than Jesus that have very similar backstories to Jesus’ story.  Well, sir – why didn’t you tell us a few of them?  At about 1 hour long, you certainly had the time!  Flemming also takes what I felt was a cheap shot at the Branch Davidians, calling them “86 crispy fans of similar apocalyptic literature” on a title card with Waco burning in the background.

Where he does manage to connect is with stock footage of evangelicals saying what they believe (even though it was dated footage from the 80s for the most part), and a ministry called Rapture Letters (Google it) that will send your loved ones an email explaining you’ve been taken to heaven should they be confused about where you are.

What would have made everything forgivable?  If he had ended the film with, “And don’t get me started on Islam!”  If the subject matter intrigues, give it a try.