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Quick notes

April 27, 2009

A good weekend…went to the range and did some practice (no pics due to me needing to rush out the door to beat the rain), did some home repair, and even found some cheap(er) 7.62 NATO in bandoleers!

Also: I’m removing the Jihad Watch lik on the blog – I’ve been reading the coverage given to the owner by Little Green Footballs, and I’m convinced.  I’ll have nothing to do with racist idiots.


Weighty problems

April 19, 2009

First of all – please remember the day in a manner appropriate to you (here’s Mike Vanderboegh’s posting…

Now – I installed a new cheek rest from Desert Warrior Products the other day…

I’m pretty impressed by the build quality, and I like the idea that the cheek rest isn’t going anywhere when I go out shooting as seems to be the case with those that you lace up to the stock.


Well – that puts my investment with this rifle to about $2K or so.  No biggie there – that’s what I’ve been led to expect with this shooting stuff.  My concern is with how much the stuff weighs.  Vanderboegh again…

Yow – 45 (from a commenter) to 63 pounds (Army required) recommended for a fighting troop expected to maneuver.  My unscientific weight measurements is the rifle alone with 1 full mag weighs 13 pounds. Haven’t even added a bipod yet (not sure as of this writing whether Appleseed even recommends them). Then there’s the rest of the pack that needs to happen as well…

For the armed citizen, much of this discussion is moot for the overwhelming majority of us do not possess body armor, nor are we likely to procure it anytime soon. Still, the light rifleman, able to shoot and move with maximum accuracy and maximum speed, is I think the best guarantor of his or her own safety.



More Open Carry lawsuits…

April 15, 2009


After Krause’s victory in West Allis, I hope Mr. Gonzalez nails them up to the wall…


Review-Madison TEA Party

April 15, 2009

Went to the Tea Party – meh.

While there were a lot of Gadsden flags flying, and a couple of more Paulian libertarians, it came across as a shill for the Republican Party.  Turnout was excellent, however – easily 3000 people, if not the 6000 that WISN radio was supposed to be calling it. In fact – if they do this again, the organizers need to get a better bus coordinator- me and a large number of people got sick of waiting for the shuttle buses and walked 40 minutes to the Capital Building to make sure we were sorta on time.  Guess I got in my exercise for the day, though…

More calls to “get involved” too – that’s probably what attracted the people who got us into this mess to .gov in the first place…


My Pragmatic Protest

April 14, 2009

Yeah – I’m going to the Madison Tea Party.

Not that I think it’s going to do any good whatever.  Things have gotten too entrenched for that.  I’m going to be able to say to the kids I know, “I tried to do the ‘petition the government’ thing – for what it was worth.”

My brother asked me if I thought it was a good thing that Paul Ryan (who apparently is being groomed for bigger things in the Republican Party) was going to be there.  If he was to disavow the Republicans, yes it would.

There’s supposed to be one in Milwaukee tomorrow as well, but I can’t get confirmation of anything around here, and I really don’t want to be the only sad protester in front of the Federal Building…better if I join my voice to a bigger crowd. Pictures from the rally? Perhaps – if my luck with portable electronic equipment changes…


Libertarian Media Theory 3

April 9, 2009

Via Big Hollywood…

(I’m apparently not allowed to reprint the article in full (like that’s stopped me before) but I’ve got respect for Steve Ditko*, so I’m merely going to excerpt…)

Here, he echoes Rand…

The much maligned B-westerns showed a clearly defined moral code, a standard. Those westerns identified a range from good to degrees of wrong, to the bad/evil.

The cowboy in the “white hat” (good), the hero, fights fair, helps people in distress, defends the law, fights rustlers, lawbreakers, etc. He acts as an agent of justice.

The cowboy in the “black hat” (the bad), the villain, fights unfairly, cheats, stabs, shoots people in the back, steals property, robs banks, rustles cattle, etc. He acts as an agent of the bad.

The cowboy in the “grey hat” (a sneak), tips off the villains about gold shipments, spies on the sheriff, on honest people with wealth, spreads lies, is an agitator, etc. He is an agent of compromise and corruption.

The honest but uncertain sheriff doesn’t have the information, knowledge, about the newcomer hero, so he’s suspicious, tending to believe the lies of the local black and grey hats who are posing as helpful and honest townspeople. He is an agent still collecting, weighing, actions, evidence, for a legal judgment.

The confused heroine is also not trusting the hero because of the uncertainty of the sheriff and the lies from the black and grey hats. She is an agent of emotional and moral uncertainty.

Later, the anti-hero western’s realism muddied the clear identities into greyness: “We’re all alike,” “Nobody is better than anyone else.”

Black, grey, white western identities were “smashed” and the new “status quo” offered a character menu of hash or a stew with no clear identities to recognize, know and savor.

While in this essay he’s mainly talking about comics (and in particular, about Joe Quesada’s multi-comic storylines such as Civil War**, that take Marvel’s cadre of heroes and puts them on a (for them) world-changing story arc, the point does come across that moral clarity should be valued. A fictional narrative (such as a super hero comic book, no matter how outlandish) or a B-movie Western or action movie (being as many of them also have the same structure as Westerns) seem to be very good delivery systems for libertarian thought. Think not?  How many libertarians got their start reading Atlas Shrugged?

* Google him up someday – can’t find fault with a man living his values.

** And I’m going to review that series when I finally acquire all the trade paperbacks to the series.


Scooped againDAMMIT!

April 7, 2009

Would you believe I looked for this video 2 weeks ago?