You know what opinions are like?*

February 26, 2011

So, Billy Beck links to a review of Atlas Shrugged: Part 1

Jeffrey Falk

and Mr. Falk displays nerdrage at the film.

Look, everyone whose lives were changed by the book want a good movie to watch. But the reality is that films are often hard to get off the ground – look at how long any adaptation of AS has been around (Falk himself mentions in the post that Rand herself wrote a screenplay for AS with Stirling Silliphant.)  And if Skeletor Jolie’s** Letter of Intent couldn’t produce the funding for a “proper” adaptation, given the same circumstances, I would have proceeded with my low-budget adaptation too.

And you know what – I learned long ago that if a movie intrigues me enough, I’m going to see it regardless of any review, bad or good. So, I’ll see this one in a theater if possible.

* Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one.

** She was attractive once, but lost so much weight trying to stay thin she now looks like a wire-hanger sculpture with a human head.

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