So True…so very true

March 24, 2010

Via Says Uncle…


 I think there are stages of blogging:

Stage 1: You start the blog because you got shit to say.

Stage 2: You say your shit, no one cares.

Stage 3: Having said your shit, you start criticizing or praising other people’s shit.

Stage 4: People notice you criticizing or praising their shit. People start to care.

Stage 5: You realize you get more input and affirmation when criticizing or praising other people’s shit. And it’s easier. (I think SayUncle is about here)

Stage 6: You just link shit and occasionally talk about shit you got to say.

Stage 7: You’re weary of talking shit. Same shit, different day.

Stage 8: You no longer have shit to say.

And that’s that.

So, the bottom line is: Remember, I do this to entertain me, not you.If it no longer entertains me, I’ll stop.

Clear as mud? – SayUncle

I’m finding myself at Stage 3 myself – since I don’t allow commentary, I don’t think I’ll ever make a big splash (my biggest search request comes from some Banksy pics and some screen grabs from Tokyo Gore Police, so you see the clientele I get around here). I would like to keep the Libertarian Theory of Media stuff around somewhere on the Web, as I think that’s my major contribution to it.  And I suspect, even if I decided to stop blogging, it would stick around, if only through Google Cache or Wayback Machine.

Like Uncle, when I get tired, that’s when I stop.  Deal?

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