Review: Shadow on the Land (1968)

October 28, 2009

isfRead about this movie on lewrockwell.com – read an excellent synopsis there too.


It took some searching to find it, though (try Google) – my copy is on loan from a chap named Kaspar I met at McDonald’s.

It’s well-meaning film, but it’s hampered by the TV movie budget they must have had, even back in 1968, not to mention the anachronisms on display. Get past those, and you’ll find it pretty entertaining.

It’s especially amusing that Gene Hackman(!) is billed third in the movie, after John Forsyth and Jackie Cooper. I suppose you take what you can get early on – three years later, he got The French Connection, so I guess that makes up for it. Hackman is pretty good here, but when is he not?

At least one reviewer seems to think that this was a pilot for a TV show on ABC – I’m tending to agree, since the movie ends rather abruptly. In fact no less than J. Neil Schuman reviewed it there.

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