Review – Bronson

October 2, 2009


Saw this at the Milwaukee Film Festival (  http://www.milwaukee-film.org/home.shtml  ). Very entertaining – the short version of the plot – Britain’s most violent prisoner , Michael Gordon Peterson(Tom Hardy) narrates his life behind bars. Charles Bronson is the alias he takes while in the slammer.

Tom Hardy is the standout in this film – he gave a terrific performance in what would be a film without much story. (After all, the man spends years in solitary).  IMDB says chunks of this movie are non-factual, especially a sequence where Bronson is released and earns a living as something like a cage fighter, even fighting dogs at one point.  That’s sad, because I thought that was one of the points of the film where it made Bronson’s life seem little more than an animal’s.  Recommended.

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