On chickens being tossed into shredders…

September 3, 2009

After seeing this…


I wonder whose “rights” come out on top when I see videos like this?

Does the male chick’s “right” to live trump, say, a dog’s “right” to eat? (The internet seems to think that the chicks’ carcasses are used for dog food & fertilizer) For that matter, does the chick’s “right” to live trump my “right” to eat? (That fertilizer comes in handy to grow veggies-something important to most vegan/veg types.) And another question: does the chick’s “right” to live mean the humans working at the chicken plant lose their “right” to a job, due to the plant being shut down for “cruelty”?

As to the “cruelty” – does eating a free-range chicken versus a factory-raised chicken mitigate the fact that they will be eaten regardless?  I would say no. If I eat meat, I can hardly quibble about how the meat ends up on my table, can I?  I’ll bet, if I were working as a chicken sexer, I’d be pretty cavalier about how I tossed the males too, given that I’ve got to work there 8 hours a day.

Regarding the warning the special interest group wants on egg containers… does that warning remind anybody else about the old Monty Python “Crunchy Frog” routine? (YouTube it up!)


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