Review: Going Home (Cerebus Vol. 13)

August 28, 2009

From Wikipedia:

First part of the story-arc Going Home. Cerebus and Jaka travel across land, then on a river boat. Cerebus is eager to make as much time as possible, as he fears being trapped in the mountains near Sand Hills Creek by winter, but instead he indulges Jaka’s desire for shopping and public appearances.

going home 1

(We also get a good look at Cerebus’ jawless mouth. Priceless!)

Along the way, they encounter veiled hostility from the Cirinists. Cerebus and Jaka’s relationship begins to show signs of deterioration, and Jaka is almost tempted away by F. Stop Kennedy (a fictionalised F. Scott Fitzgerald), a writer who has accompanied them on their river boat.

Frustrating, that’s what it is. The Fall and the River part of this volume should have been self-contained on its own, rather than shoehorned into the greater Cerebus story arc. Gorgeous art, well-written, but in my opinion, another digression…

going home 2

At least here, we get some depictions of the military (in earlier volumes, Sim would allude to divisions of pikemen or some such, but would never illustrate them…)

going home 3

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