Appleseed RESET – #1 (2009)

August 17, 2009

I had forgotten just how exhausting an Appleseed was. Don’t get me wrong – it was fun as well, met some great people, re-dedicated myself to getting that Rifleman patch (3 people got it yesterday, if I recall correctly).

It’s just the stand-to-prone, stand-to-seated, prone only, over and over again, at Rifleman’s cadence, on knees and elbows already rubbed raw, in the heat.  “Draining” seems to be a word that’s too limiting, even though we all were keeping hydrated throughout the day.  And I also understand why we were doing this – the training under stress would be a great help if we ever had to use the skills we were building – still: I don’t believe I was doing myself any favors by sticking around to the second day.

However – I finally learned how to make the damned loop sling this time, and managed not to shoot any targets but my own.  I’ll have to do some serious study on my own for a good long while now.

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