Review: Guys (Cerebus Vol. 11)

August 13, 2009

From Wikipedia:

Cerebus hangs out in and eventually becomes bartender in one of the Cirinist’s bars where “degenerate” men are essentially quarantined from the female citizens. Described in the trade paperback’s introduction as based on a bar that Sim frequented during a near-alcoholic stint between relationships, the series features various parodic characters who come and go while Cerebus remains stationary. Cerebus begins a somewhat reluctant relationship with a woman named Joanne, who was first introduced in one of the possible futures with Jaka that “Dave” showed Cerebus in Minds. Enjoyed by a number of fans as a return to the “earlier, funnier” Cerebus.

Almost a Cheers episode transported to Estarcion – not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Guys 3

Couple of guest appearances (I think) by other artists as well – I think this is Don Simpson…

Guys 1

The character incidentals would work well in another story, say, in present day Ontario – so why weren’t they set there, with only humans as characters, instead of the funny animal aardvark comic?

Aside from another place where the story should have been divorced from Cerebus-world entirely, Sim shows off (again) the mastery he has with caricature and dialog…

Guys 2

It’s weird…having to rage impotently at the Artist way, way after the fact like this, but then, there it is.

ADDED BONUS: The Cerebus Wiki…


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