Review: Flight (Cerebus Vol. 7)

July 27, 2009

From Wikipedia…

First part of the story-arc Mothers and Daughters. Cerebus’s return to Iest and slaughter of Cirinsts leads to a very brief failed revolution.


Cerebus ascends into darkness and speaks with Suenteus Po. Meanwhile, Cirin works to manage her sect and arrange her own Ascension. Artemis, with Elrod as his sidekick, also stages his own impromptu revolution under his new persona “PunisherRoach,” a parody of the Marvel comics character The Punisher.

A placekeeper of sorts – art as gorgeous as usual, but apart from Cerebus’ failed revolution, not much to interest me.

Instead of staying with Cerebus to keep the suspense up, we get exposition of Cirin’s character and the Cirinists…flight-1

Long…long…stretches of exposition by Suenteus Po…Flight-5flight-6Galvanized yet?

And more comedy relief by the PunisherRoach and Lord Julius. (No grabs for that – sorry.) Just more maddening flip-flops in tone for this volume, overshadowing the well-written parts, like this one: Cirin has decreed anyone who has seen Cerebus alive is to be killed – I thought this was an awesome exchange between one of the Cirinist soldiers and an eyewitness (right side of page)…


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