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June 26, 2009

From a commenter on Michelle Malkin’s website from a post om Michael Jackson’s death…

On June 26th, 2009 at 8:44 am, RobM1981 said:

Michael Jackson embodied diversity. He *was* diversity, all in one body. Witness:

He was born a black boy from Gary Indiana.

He died a white man from Hollywood.

He loved men, women, and children. Literally, evidently.

There wasn’t a religion he didn’t call his own.

He’d breathe oxygen, sometimes with nitrogen and sometimes without.

He had a large nose.

He had a small nose.

He had no nose.

He had a cleft chin.

He had no cleft chin.

He had no chin.

He had frizzy hair.

He had wavy hair.

He had straight hair.

He had burning hair.

He’d wear two gloves. He’d wear one glove. He’d wear no gloves.

He’d wear gold lame’ jock straps OUTSIDE of his clothes and, we must presume, inside as well.

Yes, truly, Michael Jackson was all things to all people.

UPDATE: In honor of the Instalanche I had from posting this…famous

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