Review: Cerebus (Volume 1)

June 15, 2009

Now for my next monumental undertaking – reading the whole Cerebus Saga front to back.

I had always been intrigued by Dave Sim’s comic (and as far as I know, only) comic Cerebus.  I had begun reading it a looong way back, but due to finances being low at the time, I had to cut back (and eventually drop entirely) my comic buying.

About a month ago, I happened to go into a used bookstore and found almost the entire series (Vols. 1-14) on sale for $10 each.  I fugured it was sign of some sort…

If I find something intriguing, I’m going to do a scan of that panel – just for giggles.

So – volume 1, with the benefit of hindsight (this was well before I started in on the comic back in the day) this volume seems like all setup for the following volumes (or Sim was really good at taking stuff he’d already done and reworking it into the narrative once he figured out where he wanted it to go.) We’ve got Elrod, Red Sophia, Bran Mak Mufin, Lord Julius, Weisshaupt, and more.  You can also see him getting better as the pages turn (and I realize that we’re looking at months of practice condensed into a few hours reading.)  I’m not going to get into the plotlines as of this writing (since this doesn’t feel to me like anything of import, even though intelligently written) except to note that there’s a lot more meta-reference to other comics in the plotline (the Moonroach, Captain Cockroach, Sump Thing, Woman Thing, and Claremont) just thumbing through the thing…of course the whole thing is supposed to be meta, considering that the comic started out as a parody of Thomas/Windsor-Smith’s Conan The Barabarian

More as I read them…

UPDATE: first appearance of Jaka here as well.  Throwaway, if you ask me. No indication here of how important she would eventually become in this saga. (and I’m fully aware that Sim’s use of her might not have fully formed at this point, but then, why not introduce another character where he could set things up properly? It’s not as if he didn’t have time….)

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