Review: Repo – The Genetic Opera

June 14, 2009

repo 1
Short plotline: in the future, after millions die of organ failure, GeneCo and its’ founder the Largo Family get rich off their replacement organs and the new fad of surgery as fashion statement. But for those who can’t keep up with the payments, Geneco sends a Repo Man to cut the organs you can’t pay for out of your still living body.

repo 2

The head of the Largo family, Rotti (Paul Sorvino) is dying, and is loath to leave his legacy to his spoiled, perverted family (Paris Hilton* among others).

Shilo (Alexa Vega) is a young girl sequestered by her overly-protective father Nathan (Anthony Stewart Head) due to her rare blood disease. Between the power games of the Largo family and Shilo’s struggles, a LOT of cool stuff happens. And everything comes to a head at the genetic opera, starring the voice of GeneCo, Bling Mag (Sarah Brightman).

repo 4

repo 5

repo 6

I think I’m in love…

I loved this movie – warts and all. The decision to make the thing an opera was inspired, because it both frees the director (Darren Lynn Bousman) from having to cast “perfect” voices and also makes the whole production memorable. I didn’t mind the comic-style exposition (due to this movie being comic-like to begin with),

repo 7
and if I had a quibble, I would say that it’s due to all the characters seeming to be involved with each other, but since this is an adaption of a stage play, is there an easy way around that with so much going on in the story or on-screen?


**Yes, I’m being obtuse in the plot description, because I don’t want to spoil anything for the viewer. Of course a bored viewer will probably make all the connections way before I did, though.

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