I couldn’t possibly need any more equipment…could I?

June 8, 2009

Drove to Cabelas yesterday and bought what I think is the rest of the stuff I need to start reloading. Another cool 300 clams down the chute (including less than all the IMR 4895 powder they had – as Tam says, we must save some for the next guy)  Luckily, I think I’ll be able to mount the press to my workbench after all, which will save about $30. After I paint the top, I want to get uncapping the shells and throw them into the tumbler for cleaning.

I’m going to try to go without a digital scale for powder measuring for now – after all I’m just trying my hand at this right now, and when I get better, I can always buy the scale.

UPDATE: you know the RCBS Trim Mate that’s supposed to be able to remove military crimps?  It does – after you buy the optional accessory.  Yaaaay.

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