Prediction: more money spent in near future

June 6, 2009

Got the primers…got 1/2 pound of IMR 4895 from the guy I bought the reloading press from…got the press…got the tumbler…got a powder measure…got lube…so what else does the Intarwebs say I need to do reloading?

1) a case trimmer (I’ll probably go with a non powered one to save cash)

2) RCBS has a powered center that does a lot of stuff (especially the military primer crimp removal, since I shoot alomost exclusively milsurp in the M1A…


3) a media seperator for getting the brass out of the media.

4) a better workstation to do all this at – my father’s old workbench is set up all wrong for this.  I’ll have to move a set of drawers over to the right for leg/press room, and the lighting was never the best in that corner of the basement anyway.

Mo’ money, Mo’ money…

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