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May 14, 2009

The Sub 2000 sure would make for a good home defense weapon, especially for older folks, and since it folds up for convenience it might be useful in areas discussed in this fine blog…



Short review of The Dunwich Horror (2009) – nothing much to recommend it – saw it for free ’cause my cable company messed up my service and gave me a free movie coupon to use for on demand.  Jeffery Combs does his best, but sticking out your jaw and acting like you’re a microencephalatic does not make for a memorable character.  Dean Stockwell – meh. A couple of promising effects shots of Lovecraftian monsters at the beginning, but they fall apart by the end of the picture.  I didn’t mind it being set in the bayous, but everything was too clean!


And just for you folks who have nothing to hide – don’t come to Wisconsin… (via Balko, to the right)



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