Random stuff

May 10, 2009

Not much energy for much, so just a little writing today…

Took a Lee-Enfield chambered for .308 to the range the other day.  Beat up my shoulder pretty bad – need to get a recoil pad for that sucker.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the pad on the M1A, though.  Was shooting OK though, even without a sling to steady up with.

Also took my Kel-Tec sub 2000 out of storage and cleaned it up a bit. It was the first rifle-style firearm I ever bought, set aside when Fred of the Appleseed Project convinced me to buy something more militia-friendly. I really must be used to the sheer weight of the M1A – the subby feels like a toy to me now.  And relatively a lot of ammo to go with it too.  Shame that they don’t make it in .45 ACP.

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