Weighty problems

April 19, 2009

First of all – please remember the day in a manner appropriate to you (here’s Mike Vanderboegh’s posting…


Now – I installed a new cheek rest from Desert Warrior Products the other day…


I’m pretty impressed by the build quality, and I like the idea that the cheek rest isn’t going anywhere when I go out shooting as seems to be the case with those that you lace up to the stock.


Well – that puts my investment with this rifle to about $2K or so.  No biggie there – that’s what I’ve been led to expect with this shooting stuff.  My concern is with how much the stuff weighs.  Vanderboegh again…





Yow – 45 (from a commenter) to 63 pounds (Army required) recommended for a fighting troop expected to maneuver.  My unscientific weight measurements is the rifle alone with 1 full mag weighs 13 pounds. Haven’t even added a bipod yet (not sure as of this writing whether Appleseed even recommends them). Then there’s the rest of the pack that needs to happen as well…

For the armed citizen, much of this discussion is moot for the overwhelming majority of us do not possess body armor, nor are we likely to procure it anytime soon. Still, the light rifleman, able to shoot and move with maximum accuracy and maximum speed, is I think the best guarantor of his or her own safety.


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