Perfect the enemy of the Good

March 13, 2009

So I’m trying to get my MBR ready to go – won’t be ready for the Appleseed in Racine, but there’s going to be another later this year, so I’ve got that going for me – and I’m struck by the suggestions my go-to guys, Fred of the Appleseed project, and Boston T. Party, of Boston’s Gun Bible.

I know that I’m supposed to get the best rifle I can afford, NOW, before they get outlawed/I get outlawed – which I did, an M1A (UPDATE: but not one that has a cast receiver – silly me!).  But then, more specifics to make sure I’m getting – 

A Shepherd rifle scope (recommended by both, but way pricier now that when they published their papers).  I paid $300 for my scope, a not-inconsiderable chunk of change,

a “good” scope mount – mine cost $145, and is not the Springfield Armory mount Boston thinks is one step above mounting your scope on a Coke can (UPDATE – reading a FAQ on M14 scope mounts, a single point mount like the one I just bought won’t keep zero as well as a 3 point mount – silly me!)

“good” rings – had to upgrade to a extra high set, rather than the ones that were recommended for the mount since the side focus is interfering with leveling the scope ($25),

Scope levels -to do just that ($20),

a bore sighter to get zero faster ($45),

and to top it off, a cheek rest for the rifle so I can get a proper cheek weld ($65). That’s a cool $600 to get the rifle scoped.

Now all this is going without the chromed GI barrel (UPDATE: get it cryo-treated, too), extra set of rifle parts for same, and never forgetting the price of ammo these days…if I waited to get this stuff, I still wouldn’t have the rifle.

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