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February 15, 2009

I imagine that some people might care whether or not I let comments on this site – here’s a reason why I don’t…

A couple of months back, I sent a letter to the editor at The Journal-Sentinel.  Yesterday I get a postal letter from a Jerome E. Frederick, “Academic auditor at U.W”.  I guess Jerome feels a little paranoid, since on the pages of the photocopied letter, he redacted the PO box and the last digit of the zip code (wasn’t much help, as he needed to put that stuff on the envelope if he wanted to mail it).

I’m going to put the entire letter up here, since he mailed it to me, and since I don’t think he knows what this newfangled Internet thingy is…I’ll start with the most legible of the pages first…


I do not know how to calculate wind chill factor. What’s the formula?

But becauseof big snowfalls in the last few years I have developed a theory about it that uses atmosphereic carbon dioxide as a K factor. The other K factor I think about is Westerly winds which we get at this latitude of our Northern Tier.

My theory of global warming has a significan small decimal to Recon(sic) with. It’s the CO2 content of Earth’s atmosphere.  The percentage of carbon dioxide has been increasing to something more than .04 percent. I recall that the N2 content of air is 80%. I rember(sic) the atomic weights of carbon, nitrogen,and sulphur. Most oxygen occurs as O2 in the air. Carbon dioxide has a molecular wt. of co(?) 14 + 32. So the Co2 is a heavier compound than the N2, O2, or methane. But if you arrange these air molecules from heavy to light and know the percentage of CO2 in your atmosphere, you can theorize that out excessively heavy snow falls musbe due to slower continental movement of air which is now a heavier atmosphere than it used to be.

(This bit is in blue ink, in different handwriting – maybe Jerome himself?)

When the snow gets so deep that I can’t get to my car out onto the road, that is a disaster.

(Back to the original writer)

References: When I was a student of chem 101 we used the table of atomic wts. of the elements to balance chem equations.  Discussions at kyoto on current and former percentages of CO2 pollution in the air must have caused most of the big eight delegates to quit the conference early.

(This second sheet is also photocopied with my name on it, and has a clipped-out version of my letter to the editor pasted to the back, with my phone number and what looks to be another phone number written on it.)

IRAQ occupation will be permanent because it will mimic the SAUDI occupation.

On the eve of the invasion of Iraq, Pres. Bush met with AP reporters at the Whitehouse (sic). There was no T.V. coverage of the meeting but the Jour.-Sent. (sic) carried the story i.e. the AP report the next morning. In the AP report it said that all Amer. Army troops would be removed from Rhyhad and Yemen, and would be sent to a new Army token post to be established in Iraq.  So if you or I go to visit Rhyhad or Yemen we will not see any soldiers wearing the uniform of the US Army there.  The trade-off was approved by the War Dept. and applauded by some members of the U.N.  It was a trade off of  U.S. influence in two Arab countries. 

The trade-off didn’t get T.V. coverage. And so all our T.V. couch potatoes have missed, and the frequen cover-up appearances of Colin powell, Condi, and Gen’l (sic) Petreus, etc. have made most AP readers forget about that singular AP report. A small residue of U.S. soldiers will guard against piracy in Iraq like they used to guard against piracy in Saudi Arabia. The shiek(sic) of Saudi had agreed previously that an Army post in Saudi A would help.

The War Dept. approved of the Bush-Sr. invasion of Kuait(sic). It also approved of the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq.

Ask your librarian about the War Dept.

The third page starts with the heading (clipped from a newspaper)…


Geo. Bush was a cheerleader at Yale. And now he needs a new cheerleader because most of his adjenda(sic) items have failed. His biggest success has been in keeping gas prices from sky rocketing, but he will not brag about how Bush-Cheney did that because it would cause too many banalities to be uttered by himself and critics.

Bushes (sic) biggest failure was that he could not get a majority of G.O.P. senators to vote for his plan to give political asylum or amnesty to 12 mil. illegal aliens. Pres. bush has not apologised yet for his plagarizing(sic) of the word amnesty from a private organization of which he is not a member. Amnesty International tries to set refugees free from refugee camps in places like Austria and Thialand(sic). But 12 mil. Mex. aliensare not in refugee camps. They are migratory and mobile. The G.O.P. should censor Geo. Bushe’s(sic) speeches to omitt(sic) the word Amnesty and insert asylum in its place. Bush would like to have been able to utter a Proclamation of Emancipation on behalf of 12 mil. illegal aliens.

A new adjenda(sic)? Hold an auction in Bagdad to get rid of half of the inventory of Army Humvees. The Humvees are the most obvious objects of alien envy.

Humvee chariots of war should all be left behind for car dealers to get rid of.  When all the Yankees come home from Iraq, all the Humvees shoudl be left in Iraq.

Now, what can we guess about jerome from the preceeding?

1 – Jerome is a veteran – my guess is a vet of the Korean war from the references to the War Dept.

2 – Jerome frequents the public library system.

3- Jerome needs to communicate with someone, but not face to face.

4 – Jerome reads the Journal-Sentinel.

5 – Jerome doesn’t like Humvees.

I wonder what Jerome thinks of Obama…

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