Soliloquy: Libertarian Media Theory 2

February 6, 2009

Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way – maybe I should try to state what I think Libertarian Media Theory should be, as Rand did, rather than try to frame it through already made projects…

Well, then – I believe that it should start with a clear protagonist, and adhere to the Zero Aggression Principle. A lot of Westerns conform to this sort of structure: no pre-emption of others’ evil actions, and one helluva lot of provocation before the Hero opens the old trunk where the sixguns were placed because Mary was a churchgoer.

The antagonist, well, they are tresspassing on property rights in some sort of way.  Using all the water from the river, drying out the rest of the farmers downstream, or refusing to take a “No” from the pretty schoolmarm.

I’m thinking that a lot of superhero films don’t match the test – most superheroes act as extralegal police on steroids.


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