Letter to the Editors

December 24, 2008

Now I know why I’ve been archiving news articles like this one…


The Journal-Sentinel published an opinion piece on how it would be good for Wisconsin to have sobreity checkpoints.



And my letter to them…



I’m leery of writing to the fishwrap around here because the first time I attempted it, I went to the defense of someone I had thought was a defenseless bystander who got roughed up by a gang, wondering if the man would have fared better if Wisconsin had concealed carry.  It turned out the man was looking for a crack fix…

Well, let’s see how the Journal makes a monkey out of me this time.

UPDATE: That’ll show me to post fast – I didn’t mean in the above that I don’t believe crack customers shouldn’t have self defense rights. What I meant to say was that the fact that the man was a crack customer was used against me in print to paint me as a crazy person – “that’s great, the crackhead would shoot everybody!” I apologize if there was confusion.

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