Appleseed pt. 12

December 22, 2008

So I picked up my scope from Cabelas on Saturday-it seems solid enough.  Came with a bikini lens cover with see-through plastic pieces so you can look through it while still protecting the lens.  I couldn’t figure out why there’s a set screw on the focus ring – my guess is that it’s for somebody who wants to keep the focus at a particular setting rather than have it adjustable.

The view through it is nice and clear to my eye – but what do I know?  The reticle picture that’s in the post below is accurate at the maximum setting.  This is a scope that has the reticle appear bigger as you zoom in.

So I get all happy and start looking for a mount for the freaking thing.  Those cheap M1A mounts you see advertised around the web (<$150)? Utter crap, says my web browsing. To get a good one, one I’m not going to have to struggle with or call in a gunsmith? $250-$350.  Glad I got a cheaper scope, so I can mount this sometime soon…

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