Review – The Machine Girl

December 15, 2008



Just a quick one tonight – easily the most gory movie I’ve seen, pushing past horror/action and into satire.

Ami (Minase Yashiro) is very devoted to her youger brother. When he gets noticed and killed by the local Yakuza’s son (Nobuhiro Nishiwara) she aims to take revenge.  The Yakuza’s ninja parents (part of Hanzo Hattori’s family line, which is a nod to Tarantino and Kill Bill, I guess) capture her and tortures her.  Before she can be completely killed (all that’s happened to her is her left arm has been cut off at this point) she escapes, and, with the help of the parents of another dead schoolmate who happen to be mechanics, gets fitted with what I guess is supposed to be a minigun on her arm.  Copious amounts of stage blood ensue.

I won’t spoil any more of the film than this, but see it just to see how they use this prop in the movie…


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