Forrest J Ackerman, RIP

December 7, 2008


Forrest Ackerman died this weekend – here’s a good eulogy at AICN:


I can’t claim that I met the man, but I know my life would have been vasty different should I have never stumbled over Famous Monsters of Filmland.

My most vivid experience with the magazine (and by association, Forry) was an article that appeared in the mid-70s if I recall correctly (a lot of this post is going to be memory driven. Sorry.)

Forry published a rebuttal to a letter from an angry parent about a kid who scared his little sister with an issue of the magazine.  The letter-writer brought up Forry’s atheism as a negative along with the subject matter of the magazine.

Forry replied in the magazine (again, this is memory-driven) to the kid, not the parent, saying (I paraphrase) “soon you’ll be old enough to make up your own mind about what to think and read, and you’ll be your own person then.”  All this without berating the parent who wrote him.

He was a class act.

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