And RED said, “Let there be light…”

November 13, 2008

red-explodedRED released their vision for new imaging systems today…


For any filmmaker right now – these are really turning out to be the best of times.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that web page but the impression I’m getting:

– HOLY CRAP! A 28K Image sensor?! 28-fucking-K?! With a still image resolution of 261 Mpixel?! What purpose does it serve? (Just found something – the word is IMAX)

– C-Mount lens capability, 1-120 fps, 3K resolution (better than HD); that’s a truly sweet camera. An Epic is totally out of my price range, but that Scarlet pretty much rocks.

– The REDmote.  I wonder why nobody ever thought of something like that before?

 – Looks like you’d be stuck with a C-Mount zoom lens and not RED’s own line of lenses for the cheapest interchangeable Scarlet. Kind of sucks, but you would be able to get RED’s line of prime lenses, it seems.

 – 3D capability is nice, but nobody on the ultra-indy level of filmmaking (me, for example) is going to be shooting it.

All-in-all, this is terrific news – but just for some perspective, here’s a bit of rant from Stu Maschwitz lest we think buying this camera is going to be the end of all our filmmaking worries…

It’s better for a film to have good audio than shallow depth of field.
It’s better to have control over your camera than to shoot in HD.
It’s better to have good lighting than raw 4K.
It’s better to put time into color correction than visual effects.
It’s not HD if it’s not in focus.
There’s no such thing as a rough cut with no sound.
Your story is told using the images you create, not the ones you intended to create.
You’re not done editing until you’ve watched your film with an audience of people who don’t care about your feelings.
Your film is still too long.

And another insightful analysis…


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