Won’t get fooled again…

November 7, 2008

Kim Du Toit (who’s retiring from blogging later this year as of this writing) is pissed…


To all the (large-l) Libertarians out there: fuck you.

Your no-hoper candidates like Bob Barr garnered 0.69% of the total vote, which makes you about as relevant to this process as a teaspoon during a hurricane. Your self-centered ideology sucks, and all the high-minded cant to the contrary, it’s unsurprising that the average person finds your silly Spoonerist/Randian nonsense about as interesting as a blocked sewer. Your main contribution to Election 2008 was that the candidacy of Dean Barkley (nominally “Independent”, but really a Jesse Ventura-style libertarian) may result in Al Franken (!!!!) becoming the junior U.S. Senator for Minnesota. (The final result may not be known until December, with all the recounts.)

So go back to your little usenet debate clubs and Internet websites, fret endlessly about the “tragedy of the commons” versus the “primacy of the individual”, and all the other angels-on-a-pinhead minutiae that fascinate you all so much.

Just leave us alone in future. We grownups have bigger issues to deal with.

Sorry dude.  I’ve been down the path of “let’s hold our nose and vote for the least evil” before.  I’m not doing it anymore – the last time I did that, we were presented with the PATRIOT act, illegal wiretapping, the condonement of torture (which Du Toit himself believes we can just walk away from when we’ve got what we need out of the interrogation…)


Need I say more?

It’s time I – and I suspect, a lot of other Americans too – take a stand.  And that stand is the rejection of the “lesser of two evils” approach voting.  And if that means “hard history” comes good and hard to this country I love, then that hard history has to come.

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