Libertarian endorses the State through public services!

October 19, 2008

So here’s the deal – I’ve been doing some home repair this week, and I got it into my tiny head that I might just be able to fix my roof by myself.  After all, they only devote 1 page on the repair in my home repair manual – how hard can it be?

So I rent a ladder (singular – that’s important to the story) gather my stuff newly-bought at the hardware store, get my brother to act as my safety net with a phone to call 911, and climb up to do the deed.

I’ve got a steep roof: much steeper than the picture in my manual.  I manage to get myself onto the roof and off the ladder, sixteen feet up,  and then realize that my shoes aren’t giving me enough traction to actually move around safely.  It’s also too slippery for me to get my feet back onto the ladder to get back to safety.

It’s here that I realize that I’m in deep shit.

My brother calls 911, the firemen arrive, and promptly ask me where my roof ladder is.

Ah. Roof Ladder. The missing element in this equation.

I get the frowning of a lifetime from the 6 guys that got me off the roof, but manage to get back down safe and sound.  I’m embarrassed to have used State services, but boy was I glad to have had them around!

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