Review – Evil Aliens

October 7, 2008

When I saw the title card, I thought to myself Well this guy’s got balls – giving himself proprietary credit over the title like that.  But then, he was the writer of Razor Blade Smile, and that was pretty good, so I’ll give him a pass.

Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) is the host of Weird Worlde, a British version of one of those “investigate the paranormal” shows that seem to be the easiest way to get a plot about the paranormal going. She and her motley cast and crew, including a true believer (Jaime Honeybourne) are sent by her producer to get some ratings through interviewing a Welsh alien abductee who’s pregnant. 

While faking evidence that aliens have landed (against Honeybourne’s character’s wishes) they encounter real aliens, LED nasal implants, hostile Welsh farmers – the usual.

Still not a big fan of non-24P video for theatrical stuff. Says on IMDB that it was shot with a Sony HDW-750 (a $64K camera). Didn’t help it, im my opinion.  Some nice cinematography, though, and there’s a sense of humor and edginess throughout the entire thing that makes it palatable (probably because it’s British) – although it does give a little bit too many shoutouts to other films like Evil Dead, Predator, Sergio Leone westerns, just to name a couple. The CGI should be better for something made in 2005, though, and the ending is pretty lame.

But – who could completely hate a film with this in it…

Recommended, but only if you can get hold of the unrated edition.  I think the movie would lose its edge if some of the gratuitous gore or comedy was cut.

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