Appleseed Pt 9

October 6, 2008

Lookit that – there’s hope.

And while I’m at it – about a month back there was a discusion amongst some gun bloggers about the utility of an Appleseed for the absolute beginner – here’s one..


I have to say I agree with Byrne on this – I had believed that the problem was with me when I wasn’t hitting the target (hitting other people’s targets, actually) when my rifle hadn’t been zeroed, and I had shot maybe 200 rounds through it.  Someone who isn’t as determined as I am might have been discouraged and given up with the intensity of the training there.  I haven’t – I’m going to get that Rifleman patch someday! – and perhaps the “sink or swim” approach is the best way to cultivate Riflemen.  I just think that more clarity in exactly what’s going to happen might behoove the RWVA.

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