Up is Down! Black is White!

September 25, 2008

Since being smashed with work for about 2 months, I haven’t had any time to write about the advent of SLR cameras that can shoot HD video.

I know what you’re thinking, fellow filmmaker – video cameras that shoot stills as well are “teh GAY”.  After all, building in a feature that takes away from putting in pro features in prosumer video cameras, well, that doesn’t help the aspiring pro.  The aspirant will probably never use the still feature, yet has to pay for it in his camera whether he likes it our not.

But now, to put a new spin on this, is the Canon 5D MK 2, which reverses “teh GAY” in the opposite direction – SLR shoots video (albeit at 30fps 1080P)?  Why?

However, Stu Maschwitz, points out that there’s some real advantages to having an SLR shoot video.



And apparently, this sort of talk has struck a nerve at the mighty RED…


My concern (if I was a “pro”) probably would be how would I look if I had to shoot a movie on a freaking SLR?  Does my day rate go down?

Would there be disadvantages?  Surely – but with a little creativity those could be overcome (that time limit is a real downer, but not insurmountable).

Sometimes I feel lucky that I’m not tied to any sort of format by equipment concerns.  I could (theoretically) purchase something like that SLR by RED and have the use of those great big lenses, giving me all that nice depth of field.  Are we as filmmakers now to embrace a single “image device” for all needs?

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