Review – The Rage

September 18, 2008

What we have here is a better-than-average Horror movie, directed by Robert Kurtzman (of KNB Effects fame).  Short synopsis: mad scientist creates virus, virus gets away from him, partying young adults must flee virus.

However – how many films can boast MUTANT VULTURES! Yes! MUTANT VULTURES!

Kurtzman delivers the makeup FX alright, but it’s those mutant vultures that really set this apart from the typical zombie movie.  I also liked how, despite being a practical effects kind of guy, Kurtzman probably set aside his dislike of CGI and got some nice animation (alright, as nice as his budget could afford) of the vultures flying around.  Despite some wooden acting, I watched the whole thing without hittig fast forward – quite the accomplishment for a horor film in my book these days. Recommended.

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