On the Rally for the Republic

September 2, 2008

Triumph of the Will it wasn’t.

I had wanted to blog it as things came to me, but a security shrub at the gate told me I couldn’t bring my laptop case into the building.  I put that down to general asshattery, but it did handicap me as to what I’l be able to write here.

I got the feeling that Paul, in his work to make American citizens more aware of the Bill of Rights culture, was preaching to the choir at this event, as were his co-speakers.

I did get a kick out of seeing Jesse Ventura at the rally – I was going to bring a copy of Predator for him to sign should I meet him. His best quote (I’ll paraphrase) was that we in the crowd shouldn’t be afraid to boo him, as he used to be a pro wrestling villain and it made him feel nostalgic. Since I knew I was going to arrive late, I figured what the hell; don’t even bring the DVD – I’ll never see the man anyway.  Later on, getting off an escalator, who do I see, with a crowd around him signing stuff?  Life mocks me again…

I must confess it made me feel good to be around others who feel much the same way I do about our country.  I even raised my voice in agreement once or twice in the festivities (though, like Groucho, I’m a little distrustful of any club who’d have me as a member.  More after I get home and have some time to digest the rally further.

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