Review – The Revolution (book)

August 11, 2008

So here I am, crazy enough to want to go to Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic…


Went online and bought me a ticket and everything – guess it’s about time I went to a political meeting of this sort.  Besides, they may serve beer & nachos to help the politics go down a little smoother – AND Jesse Ventura is scheduled to appear, which means I’ll need to bring a copy of Predator for him to sign…

Don’t get me started on hotel prices for the rally (Experia was advertising $200 rooms for that week, prolly due to the Repubs being in town that same week: so I’ll be staying across the border in Menomonie, thanks ever so much.)

Then, since I’m bucks up this week, went and bought a copy of Paul’s book for a little insight into what he might be talking about here.

It’s a quick and easy read.  For the most part, Paul is saying the things I want to hear – I was pleased to read this too –

Iran, incidentally, may have noticed a pattern: if countries do have a nuclear weapon, they tend to be left alone, or possibly even given a subsidy.  If they do not gain such a weapon they find themselves threatened by war.  With that kind of foreign policy, what country wouldn’t want to pursue a nuclear weapon?

I’ve noticed that myself.

I was aware of his anti-abortion stance (the book says he’s in favor of returning to a States’ rights sort of position on that), and I’m OK with that, simply because everything else is good.  All told, this is what I’m traveling to Minneapolis to hear, and hopefully not another pitch for more money.  Wouldn’t hurt if he talked about how he’s repudiated the views espoused in those Ron Paul Newsletters from the 80s either.

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