Review – Guardians (2006)

July 23, 2008

(In the interest of full disclosure – I know a couple of people who worked on this movie.)

Here’s another “near miss” movie for your consideration.  This one has a team of paranormal exterminators led by Alex Lovecraft (Shannon Watson) cleaning up bucolic Twilight Cove from the mosters unleashed by Dr. Strand (Bryce Lord).

The movie, written & directed by Drew Maxwell, has a script that’s a little clunky at times, but gets the job done – there was an interesting choice with one of the characters; the Guardians bring alond a bald, psychic kid (Nick Driessen) who they use as a human evil detector.  The Boy never gets much in the line of character development, just a few references as to who’ll take care of him.

The movie also has some kickass effects for the budget…

but the whole film (including the nice cinematography by Lance Catania) is hampered by the “video” look of the production itself.  I realize that 24P video is a relatively new development for the Indie filmmaker, but at this juncture, is not an option – everybody has to use it.  I believe that the feel of “video” will ultimately doom this production to something on the bottom of the CV of everybody involved.


I’m pretty sure that “warm liquid goo step” isn’t included in my reloading manual…

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