Poetry Corner 2

May 30, 2008

dada poem

if you read this, you’re not dada.  If you were dada, you would have written it like I did.

dada is not a spectator sport, nor a boiled potato.  nothing is.

you should not be confused, you should be dada, which is confusing.  you should not be outraged, you should be outrageous, as is dada.

you should not tell me that I’m confusing and outrageous, you should tell me I’m dada.  I will then tell you that I know that already.

you should not just listen to me when I tell you that you are not dada, because you know that already.

never just listen to someone tell you something that you already know.  instead, tell them that you already know that, and then tell them something that you are sure they already know.

this is known as dada conversation, and can go on late into the evening.

you didn’t know that.


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