Review – The God Who Wasn’t There

May 17, 2008


Wanted to write a quick review ’cause I haven’t done so in a while.  Director Brian Flemming (coming across as a Michael Moore snark-lite wannabe, even seeming to mislead the principal of his old school about what he was going to interview him about) states his case about the non-existence of God.

I was left with wanting more data after seeing the film.  It ran a little short and could have used some more hard fact to liven things up (just as a for instance: Flemming mentions that there were other messiah-like figures other than Jesus that have very similar backstories to Jesus’ story.  Well, sir – why didn’t you tell us a few of them?  At about 1 hour long, you certainly had the time!  Flemming also takes what I felt was a cheap shot at the Branch Davidians, calling them “86 crispy fans of similar apocalyptic literature” on a title card with Waco burning in the background.

Where he does manage to connect is with stock footage of evangelicals saying what they believe (even though it was dated footage from the 80s for the most part), and a ministry called Rapture Letters (Google it) that will send your loved ones an email explaining you’ve been taken to heaven should they be confused about where you are.

What would have made everything forgivable?  If he had ended the film with, “And don’t get me started on Islam!”  If the subject matter intrigues, give it a try.

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