Appleseed Qualify 5

May 4, 2008

Yeah, I know I missed last week – due to unforseen circumstances (the primary one being a gun show I didn’t know about happening – always, always stock up on ammo).

Anyway, I went all metrosexual this week – painted my front sight blaze orange, hoping that would help sight on that muted-color Army target…

While there aren’t any flyers, I’m also not getting the grouping I want to get, and the sight didn’t help me much in the overcast light.  So – target 2.


I seem to get better with bright, high-contrast targets.  I also tried “zen out” shots – try to do all the steps I have been consciously thinking of off the cuff and seeing if that helped.  That’s what accounts for the flyers.

Tried here to go back to basics – about the same sort of grouping as target 1 (the red area is about the same size as a coffee saucer, something that seems consistent as of right now.)

Again, everything seems to improve with a high contrast target.  The sight did start helping here (the inner two rings are about 5″ in diameter) as the light got a little better. But statistically, on my best targets, the shots are only going exactly where they need to be 40% of the time.  When I get to 80% off-hand, I’ll be ready for an Appleseed shoot.

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