Appleseed Qualify 4

April 20, 2008

My best target from yesterday – things fell apart after this (maybe because I had a ton of things to do after and I was getting distracted).

As I was leaving, the range officer told me that the DNR sometimes had “problems” with people mounting human silhouette targets and firing at them.  Apparently, he noticed the RWVA Rifleman target I had been using.  He also allowed that it would take a lot of imagination to imagine the blobby thing on the target a a human silhouette.  Interesting how one branch of government can take exception to something another branch of government encourages and rewards, isn’t it?

After practice, went to the gun show at the Waukesha Expo to snag some more ammo (at 40-some rounds per session, I’m slowly burning through the stuff I’ve stockpiled).  Snagged a couple of battle packs of South African for $150 (one for practice, one for a rainy day), and signed a petition for open carry in Wisconsin.  All in all, not bad for a guy who’s working on his Patriot skills…

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