Appleseed Qualify 3

April 13, 2008

The rifle’s definitely getting lighter to hold – tried to walk through the shot just like Fred says.  These are still offhand, 25 yards, South African ball, iron sights.  The top image is the first target of the day, the bottom the last.

You can tell that I’m shooting less ammo at the targets over the course of the day – I’m trying to simulate the Appleseed “10 round magazine” experience without doing the timed test (I’m not that good yet).  I seem to be keeping my elbow up this week (or maybe it’s just me building my rifle-holding muscles up so I can shoot straighter).  One thing, thoug – I need to keep a log of where the shots are landing, rather than trying to keep it in memory.

By the way – You’re going to the big Appleseed shoot all over on the 19th, right?


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