Appleseed Qualify 2008 1

March 30, 2008

The RWVA’s Appleseed Project is coming to Wisconsin again – and I’m not ready!  I don’t know whether I will be by the time it happens in May, but I’m going to give it the old College try.

So – I get in the car and go to the closest high-power range in my area, buy an annual range pass, and get my butt shooting.  The good news is I suck a little less this year…


I zeroed the rifle as best I could last year before the snow fell, and that really made a difference (last year at Appleseed I was shooting other people’s targets!) Not to get too boast-y though; this was at 25 yards.  The funny (strange) thing though was what happened to my magazines.  I’m shooting a M1A, and I was having misfeeds all day, to the extent that I think the rifle busted the plate inside the magazine!  I’m sure that’s not right – but I’ll have to do further research on it before I can counter what’s going on.  Part of the preperations for next weekend is my filling some other mags with ammo and letting them sit for the week loaded – maybe that will help.  Gotta reread the Rifleman manual again too.

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